New Years, live-ish with Green Day

Green Day

I've gone to far too many events this past week. If I don't put an end to this quick, I may become "normal"…

I took it to the next level tonight, though, by traveling into the future to see Green Day's New Years Eve concert at LA Live. Well, sort-of. NBC was filming the concert with Carson Daly as the host. They gave us all new years hats and had us all count down from 30 as if the ball was dropping on New Years Eve. Apparently they'll air this then. TV Magic!

After the count down, Green Day came on with a "Happy fucking New Year!" and rocked the stage for the rest of the night. Their performance was complete with explosions, fireworks, and a good mix between their newer stuff and the older stuff I was listening to on tape when I was eight years old (holy crap) in elementary school. Better yet, a friend I hadn't seen in ages was down to visit family for the week, so I met her and her brothers there and caught up. Good times!

Posted on November 24, 2009 in Carson Daly, Green Day, LA Live, Music, New Years

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