Automatic hyphenation

I’ve just installed Hyphenator—a really cool script which automatically adds soft hyphens to words, which means I can finally justify text. If you’ve got Javascript turned on, you should see nice hyphenated line wrapping in addition to syntax highlighting on code.

Using proper punctuation marks

I recently learned that the lovable character between the 0 and the = key on QWERTY keyboards is not a hyphen (U+2010) nor a minus (U+2212), but a hyphen–minus (U+002D). Not just that, but I learned of the existence of various dashes, such as the figure dash (U+2012), en dash (U+2013), and em dash (U+2014).

Using proper punctuation marks can be especially hard for the simple fact that they don’t exist on my keyboard. Microsoft Word will automatically replace two hyphens with a dash, but what about the rest of the apps I use? For now, I’m stuck using the tedious Alt+Numpad formula, or copy–pasting from the Character Map. I think this auto–correction would be a great thing to integrate into Windows, perhaps into an IME. Call it the next evolution of input, like how speech recognition was added to Vista.