Gozoku is a Japanese dictionary with definitions in English, Russian, German, French, and Dutch. It lets you look up words using kanji, kana, romaji, and any of those languages.

Download Gozoku 1.4

Click here to download Gozoku for Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.

Windows not your thing?

My good friend over at Sugoisoft has made a similar program for Mac OS X and the iPhone.


Gozoku will always be free, but donations are still appreciated and will help me figure out what to spend my time on. Any small amount helps!

If you're a programmer and would like to contribute a patch, please email me.

Open Source

Gozoku is Open Source and distributed under a zlib/libpng license. The source code can be viewed online or downloaded through Subversion:

svn co https://svn.int64.org/svnroot/int64/gozoku gozoku

Gozoku also uses other great Open Source software including Boost, Inno Setup, JMdict, JMnedict, Kanjidic2, libxml, SQLite, and the Tanaka Corpus.